Tools, Dies, Jigs and Fixtures: The vital answers to your manufacturing needs. We use our CAD capabilities, our skilled craftsmen and our diverse machinery to provide you with the best-quality tools, dies, jigs and fixtures quickly.

Custom Machining: Specialty pieces and research prototypes are challenges we enjoy at Die-Mond. Our machining experts, backed up with our CAD CAM system, will make your great idea a brilliant reality, the way they have for our satisfied clients in the heavy equipment and racecar industries.

Precision Grinding: Fine finishes, close tolerances. We perform surface grinding, cylindrical and honing. We’re able to work with magnetic or non-magnetic materials.

Wire EDM: Wire EDM is one way we can provide precise, reliable and quick production of your order. In Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, an electric wire cuts through a conductive material, creating particles which vaporize unwanted sections of the product. Wire EDM is a great choice for magnetic parts and conductive materials, such as steel, aluminum and brass.